Ready to cure the culture?

At age 15 I was given my first leadership position at a local YMCA. My father went to the library and checked out the book, The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard, and simply told me to read it. This was in 1995 and the book was published in 1982, so it wasn’t a new book by any means. I read the book in one night and instantly fell in love with the idea of leadership and the power of change that lies within each of us. I have been studying leadership for over twenty years and have come to the conclusion that we must become better leaders, passionate leaders, stronger leaders, and leaders of change to truly Cure the Culture of our homes, businesses, schools, and faith-based organizations. Once we cure our own leadership we will be able to better serve others. Are you ready to be a better leader? Do you want to be a better father, mother, husband, wife, student, and co-worker? Do you want to be a Curing the Culture Leader? Then join me in an effort of Curing the Culture of lukewarm leadership.

What We Do
Building Leaders in Your Organization

Building Leaders in your Organization is an on-site professional develop organized around a needs assessment.

Developing Future Leaders

Developing Future Leaders is a camp focused on building Curing the Culture through servant leadership skills for students ages 10-14.

Curing the Culture Foundation

The Curing the Culture foundation will focus on scholarships for at-risk students.

Curing the Culture at Home

Curing the Culture at Home is an eight week study focused on family.

Curing the Culture of Your School

Curing the Culture of Your School is an eight week study for school leaders.

Curing the Culture of your Church

Curing the Culture of your Church is an eight week study for church leaders.

Curing the Culture Blog
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