Dr. Hooker was first introduced to leadership by his father as a young boy. His father was a born and bred “mill hill” boy that worked his way to a vice president at at one of the largest banks in the country. Although his father never graduated from college he is one of the wisest and most influential persons in Dr. Hooker’s life.

At the age of 15, Dr. Hooker was given the opportunity to serve in a leadership position over summer programs at the local YMCA. It was there that he felt the call to make an impact on the lives of others. Dr. Hooker attended North Greenville University in South Carolina where he traveled every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and some full weekends in a group called Joyful Sound working with youth and adults all across the Southeast. As a motivational speaker and singer (better speaker than singer), he along with nine others spread the love of Christ with others whenever possible. During this time Dr. Hooker felt the call to public education.

After teaching for four years, Dr. Hooker served as an assistant principal for three years, and then at 28 years old became the youngest principal in South Carolina. Dr Hooker has won multiple awards, been published multiple times, and has become a leader of change for our public schools. He successfully transformed multiple schools from failing and below average schools into good and excellent schools. He has helped numerous students and adults reach their goals. He has worked with many schools, districts, and the state department regarding interview techniques and leadership change courses.

Dr. Hooker has been working with businesses, faith-based organizations, and families on his Cure the Culture vision. Dr. Hooker’s greatest joy, outside of his love for Jesus Christ and his family, is to see others be successful. His ideas and common sense approach will lead you to be more successful than you ever dreamed. Goal setting and getting results for your business, your family, and your faith-based organization will come at its peak if you can Cure the Culture within yourself and the people around you.

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