I was recently speaking at a conference regarding our vision as it applies to self, your business, and your community. This presentation was for middle level managers.  As I completed my speaking engagement, I was approached by a middle aged man. This man looked tired, he spoke with a low voice. […]

I believe that God gave us the vision of Curing-the-Culture at the perfect time. At this point we must gather together and show love first. Then, we need to look at simple research such as the recent study noted in the Washington Post showing that the majority of states are […]

"I am convinced that to cure-the-culture of our society, we will need a radical reculturing of our sense of purpose." #curingtheculture — Dr. Andrew Hooker (@CuringTheCultur) June 15, 2016

  Recent events have convinced me that our culture needs curing now more than ever. Social media explodes with garbage from politics to devastating news of mass shootings. The church has lost its voice as the media has turned religion into another battle to fight. Where do we as families […]

We had over two-thousand visits to our last blog! Thank you for your support. The best way to support us is to like and share our blog! Thanks to all who have liked our curingtheculture fb page and are following us on twitter @curingtheculture. You can also find us on […]

Every space has a culture or a feeling that surrounds it. It is a deep, gut feeling that you have when you walk into a space, a place of business, someone’s home, a church, a school, etc. That culture makes you have a feeling about that place. Who’s responsible for […]

#curingtheculture If you are reading this book you are already a great leader. Maybe you purchased this book because you are a friend of ours, or maybe you bought the book because you have been following us on social media. Maybe you bought the book at one of our events, […]