At Curing the Culture we typically focus on the culture of a workplace, home, business, or faith-based organization.  This is defined as how you should be treated and how you should treat people in the environment. The culture within the environment can be perceived as a positive culture or a negative culture. What we don’t focus on much is the culture within each of us. Today is about you and today is about me, as individuals.

I am a big fan of Steven Covey’s work. He authored and co-authored over twenty books. The most recognizable book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has sold 25 million copies in 36 different languages.

In the June 30th 7 Habits Daily Booster, it states:

“The place to begin building any relationship is inside ourselves, inside our Circle of Influence, our own character. As we become independent, proactive, centered in correct principles, value driven and able to organize and execute around the priorities in our life with integrity- we then can choose to become interdependent- capable of building rich, enduring, highly productive relationships with other people.”

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I have been traveling for the last two weeks working and have had time to just reflect. I have asked myself this question this week and I will also ask you: How can we be at our best every minute everyday so that we can make a positive influence on the culture of our environments? For some of us, the answer might simply be a cup of coffee in the morning.  For others, we may need extensive professional development. I challenge you to determine what it is that keeps you at your best and use it!

Ultimately, once we have found a way to keep ourselves at our best, we must then make a choice to build relationships with other people that cultivate growth in the culture of our space. By doing this, we can create that positive culture within our organizations.

I challenge you to to download the free 7 Habits app and complete the Mission Statement Builder. I completed it yesterday and it has made a major impact on me. Try it!


Lead well, serve all!

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