Curing the Culture believes in the power of positive thinking. We work with a “why not” and a “servant leadership” attitude.

Imagine students in a middle school printing prosthetic limbs with a 3-D printer that can actually be given to a child who does not have the resources needed to purchase a medical prosthetic limb. We witnessed that happening today! Check out to learn more about this process. This middle school can make a prosthetic limb for less than $50. When this school was challenged with the opportunity, they combined an attitude of “why not” with that of “service to others”.

Wow! This power of positive thinking is the essence of Curing the Culture.

One of our favorite quotes about training your mind to be positive is from H.E Davey:

“A positive attitude is most easily arrived at through a deliberate and rational analysis of what’s required to manifest unwavering positive thought patterns. First, reflect on the actual, present condition of your mind. In other words, is the mind positive or not? We’ve all met individuals who perceive themselves as positive people but don’t appear as such. Since the mind is both invisible and intangible, it’s therefore easier to see the accurate characteristics of the mind through a person’s words, deeds, and posture.

For example, if we say, ‘It’s absolutely freezing today! I’ll probably catch a cold before the end of the day!’ then our words expose a negative attitude. But if we say, ‘The temperature is very cold’ (a simple statement of fact), then our expressions, and therefore attitude, are not negative. Sustaining an alert state in which self-awareness becomes possible gives us a chance to discover the origins of negativity. In doing so, we also have an opportunity to arrive at a state of positiveness, so that our words and deeds are also positive, making others feel comfortable, cheerful, and inspired.”

Lead Well, Serve All
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