I believe that God gave us the vision of Curing-the-Culture at the perfect time. At this point we must gather together and show love first. Then, we need to look at simple research such as the recent study noted in the Washington Post showing that the majority of states are spending more on prisons than their own education programs. This isn’t new information and little has changed in the funding of the prison system. Next, we need a plan. I always tell my team to identify a problem, research the problem, find a solution and work that solution until the problem is corrected. Finally, maintenance must be coordinated so that the problem doesn’t show its ugly head again. Working a plan is not rocket science but follow through seems to be these days.

Society is great at identifying a problem, but rarely is there a solution and if there is a solution very few people care enough to work that solution. At Curing-the-Culture we begin each conference, speaking engagement, or small group teaching with, “Over communicate your vision and then work your vision into existence.” We end our sessions with, “Most follow our advice of over communicating the vision, but few work that vision into existence.”

What is the plan to Cure-the-Culture America? Who is in charge of this vision and solution? Is it political leaders, faith-based organizations, school systems, or law enforcement? In fact, what is our vision moving forward? Who will rise up?


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