Curing the Culture in Educational Leadership is one of our specialty areas. We have spent the last 13 years working with students, teachers, school leaders, district staff, and state departments to implement change in the culture of our schools. Specifically, we completed research studies on teacher dispositions and how those dispositions are impacted by professional development. Can we change a teacher’s attitude toward their job? The answer is yes!

Principals are directly responsible for their school’s culture, and that culture has a direct influence on student achievement. Curing the Culture can assist the principal by providing Educational Leadership training with the school leadership team. The school leadership team is made up by school administration, school counselors, instructional coaches, and anyone else that the principal deems appropriate.

Curing the Culture in Educational Leadership focuses on three areas: instructional leadership, community engagement, and student leadership. Equally developing these three areas provides results that will drive community support and create major gains in student achievement.

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