Recent events have convinced me that our culture needs curing now more than ever. Social media explodes with garbage from politics to devastating news of mass shootings. The church has lost its voice as the media has turned religion into another battle to fight. Where do we as families stand in this culture that we have taken part in creating? What is our purpose?hand

Do we pray quietly that God will take control? Do we cover up our children’s eyes and try to protect them from the world that we live in? Do we march in as the uneducated church and voice opinions of people groups that turns into more of a religious judgment than taking part in a healing process?

What is our role in all of this?

The following statement is what I have built my career on as an educator:

Researchers Huffman and Hipp (2003) state, “Change will require a radical reculturing of the school as an institution, and the basic redesign of the teaching profession” (p.15).

In our study of school culture we have found that purpose is most important to school improvement. In our recent research we found that position, incentive pay, facility type, class size, and socioeconomic make-up, play little part in an educator’s success. Through this study we found that the most important piece of an educator’s success is the educator’s sense of purpose within the field. As a society, do we base our actions on a sense of purpose such as this? Recent actions across the world have shown what can happen when one acts on a sense of purpose that is, simply put, evil.

I am convinced that to cure-the-culture of our society, we will need a radical reculturing of our sense of purpose. Who are we as a country? What is our purpose? What message are we sending our children as we react to these situations? What part does the church play in this? Are we being reactive or proactive in our purpose?

Our purpose as Christians should be to love others the way Christ loved us.  When we are so quick to judge, or voice our opinions on controversial topics, are we showing the world Christ?

What is your purpose?

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