Every space has a culture or a feeling that surrounds it. It is a deep, gut feeling that you have when you walk into a space, a place of business, someone’s home, a church, a school, etc. That culture makes you have a feeling about that place. Who’s responsible for the culture?

I sat down and really thought through the things that I see successful people do! These things are not about what a great leader does, but more of who they actually are as a person. Who a leader is as a person mostly determines the culture of the space.

Here are a few…..I will try to give a short explanation of each.

  1. Be the face
  • Your business, family, school, or church must have a face. Great leaders are the face of the entity and everyone knows who that person is…there is no question.
  1. Be transparent
  • Be as transparent as allowed and even stretch that line when possible. Great respect comes from information and great leaders don’t hold information for the purpose of power.
  1. Be inspirational
  • Be inspirational constantly. The church has had this figured out for years! Several times a week we come together to celebrate, worship, be inspired, and are motivated to carry out what we are command to do. The same should be at home, business, school and anywhere you lead.
  1. Be personable
  • There is some weird idea that we should keep to ourselves and not share who we are. 100% professional 100% of the time is overrated and actually hurts your people. Tell your story.
  1. Tell the truth
  • You can’t assume all of your people know all that you know. Take the time to sit down with them. Tell them the vision, answer the questions, and always tell the truth, always.
  1. Celebrate constantly
  • On the toughest days find something to celebrate. Celebration is a culture within itself. Celebrate each other at all time.
  1. Be fun
  • Dress up! Laugh! Tell a (clean) joke. Go to the party. Dance with you kids. Swim in the ocean in February. Participate in the ugly sweater contest (even though it’s dumb!)
  1. Be happy
  • Happiness is a choice made each day, period.
  1. Work hard
  • Be the hardest worker on your team, period.
  1. Know who you are and be that person
  • Just be you. Imitations will kill you in the long run. Some of the most miserable people are introverts in positions where they must be a fake extrovert. Be you!

In our book, #curingtheculture we will look at these and other culture curing attributes of some very special people. We are excited to share these with you and hope that you will begin looking at yourself, your space, and the culture that you set each day.

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