Curing the Culture Young Leaders Camp is exactly that! It is a camp for for students ages 11-15. After working 13 years with young people, multiple research projects, and parent and student interviews, we know that this is the critical age of success.

This is this age that students make a choice to be something. They may not know what they want to be but they can make the decision that they want to be great!

This is most stressful time of a child’s life as their social life is changing, their body’s are changing, and they are not sure how to handle all of these weird feelings. They are under significant peer pressure, parent pressure, sports pressure, and pressure that is self inflicted.

Curing the Culture Young Leaders Camp puts students in successful situations with motivational speakers, business contacts, business plan training, non-profit training, and entrepreneurial dreams. We want them to start building a portfolio and becoming a Curing the Culture Young Leader will add value to their college resume as well as prepare them for unique future opportunities.

More information will be coming regarding camp dates.

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